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Kpop addiction
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- SHINee, Lunafly, EXO Planet, B.A.P, 2NE1, B2ST, BigBang, Super Junior, F(x), Miss A, BoA, Lee Hi, G.na, SNSD, Mblaq, 2pm, DBSK, Nu'est, Infinite, Sistar,...-


Love the song, the mv is beautiful ~

04-5/∞ edits of iu being a cutie

Perhaps we got along better precisely because of our age gap (Note: IU and Yoo Inna are 11 years apart). IU is the only person who never gets tired of me. Between friends, sometimes you fight or get jealous of one another. Between lovers, sometimes you feel uneasy about your feelings towards one another too. But IU and I are different. Both of us feel that the other person is the only one who doesn’t make us feel uncomfortable. Because we’ll always be there for each other and no matter what we do, we stand by one another. Perhaps it’s because of our age gap that we can maintain such a relationship? Anyway, IU is someone I can’t live without (laughs).

- Yoo Inna (in an interview)

adorable iu speaking english ヾ(*´∇`)ノ

Stuff You Do Instead Of Homework


Get extremely bored



You go on your phone


Jam to K-pop or other music




Scroll through pictures,memes,gifs…etc


Take a 10min nap (which ends up being an hr or 2)


That nap did nothing and your still tired so you just tell yourself you’ll do ur homework in the morning,during homeroom, and at lunch.



For CN Blue and B.A.P, what do you think IU’s appeal is?

Accidentally touching Liyin noona’s hand o((>ω< ))o