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my favourite thing in kpop is when members of a group call each other by their real names and not by stage names. it just reminds me that no matter how vicious the kpop industry may be, friendships still exist.

RIP EunB :/

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short interview w/ tudou after her “Global Chinese Music Top 10” appearance last saturday. Pretty typical questions that’s been asked over and over again. She did a pretty good job, i guess she practiced LOL. I only found a few things that was interesting such as:

what’s her thoughts on her first appearance on “Global Chinese Music Top 10” she said she was a bit nervous bc she has to do a great job and etc.

She was asked about tao and etc. and she praised their acting and etc.

She was asked if she wanted to try different genres since she’s always singing ballad and she said she would love to try more R&B and upbeat songs 

She talked about kyuhyun’s cover of Back Then and said his voice is very manly, graceful and people can easily feel all the emotions in his singing and etc.

She said she has no idea when the follow up/sequel song for agape will be release bc she’s busy w/ agape promotions right now. It will probably be out after agape promotions

She talked about mad for music and said she did feel a lot of pressure bc she doesn’t have a lot of opportunities to sing on stage and there were a lot of very talented singer not the show. She said she learned a lot through the show

she said she is focused on singing right now but would love to try different things in the future like acting bc she loves watching movies and wants to try musical bc it will help her grow as a singer acting in a musical.

She said she grew up with Boys II Men and whitney houston. She recommends Boys II Men, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey’s music to people.

She hopes to bring victims of the earthquake some comfort through agape and she hopes to one day visit the affected area and help the victims.

August 2014, Zhang Liyin at Tudou Music not edit or remove watermark. 

August 2014, Zhang Liyin at Tudou Music Interview.
do not edit or remove watermark. 


张力尹 - 那些年
Zhang Liyin - Those Years/Back Then (2014)
Original Singer : Hu Xia
(t/n:Song was originally released as the OST for You Are The Apple of My Eye.)

Back at the very start
Your innocent and youthful face in my memory
We’ve finally reached this day
Old photographs pressed under the glass table mat
Countless memories appear
Today, the boy will keep his last promise with the girl

Back at the very start
Dumbly standing in front of the mirror
Tieing a clumsy knot on a red tie
Hair combed to look like an adult
Putting on a handsome suit
When I meet you in later, it’ll look better than you imagined

How I want to go back to the days back in the days
回到教室座位前后 故意讨你温柔的骂
Back to when we sat in front and behind of each other in the classroom, purposely doing something to get a gentle scolding from you
黑板上排列组合 你舍得解开吗
The pairing arrangements written on the blackboard, are you willing to part it?
No matter who sits with who, he will still love her

The pouring rain that we missed back then
The love that passed us by back then
好想拥抱你 拥抱错过的勇气
How I wish to hug you, and hug the courage that passed me by
Once thought of conquering the world
Only when I look back in the end
Every little thing in this world, they’re all you

The pouring rain that we missed back then
The love that passed us by back then
好想告诉你 告诉你我没有忘记
How I wish to tell you, to tell you that I haven’t forgotten
That night when the sky was littered with stars
Our promise made in parallel time and space
When I meet you again, I will embrace you tightly in my arms
Embracing you tightly

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